Uptown Stamp Show

During a recent visit to Portland OR, I had the opportunity to visit Uptown Stamp Show. The “Show” is actually a stamp shop. I remembered the Linn’s article of August 2016 hailing the March opening of Uptown Stamp Show—bucking the trend of stamp store closings. I wanted to experience this place.

The “Show” is just as the article described—a friendly, informal, small shop that welcomes everyone. Two stamp-show-size tables are covered with green table cloths and surrounded with comfortable chairs. Stock is on shelves on both sides of the office and includes collections, sets, covers, individual stamps and more. The worldwide inventory is extensive.

David Markowitz, the store’s founder, sat at one of the tables and discussed stamps and collecting nonstop with customers. His knowledge is deep, and he shares it generously. He even agreed to be photographed with me (top photo) outside the ‘Show.’ I was a buyer of 14 covers for $14 (see two below) to spice up the look of my worldwide albums. Obviously my purchases were not the financial high point of his day, but my visit to the ‘Show’ was a high point for me. When in Portland, I highly recommend Uptown Stamp Show to you.

Bulk Mail Tulips? (Netherlands)

Encountering this series of “Tulip” stamps, I assumed because of the subject, the clean contemporary design, and the PTT POST imprint, that these were from the Netherlands. There was, however, no monetary value on the stamps.

The other bit of information on the stamps was PORT BETAALD (“POST PAID” in Dutch). Further investigation led to the fact that these were used for Bulk Mailing.

I was drawn to these stamps for their beauty—a refreshing approach to bulk mail stamps, which in the U.S. are generally quite bland in design. Perhaps even junk mail can bring a smile to your face, provided the stamp is appealing.