A Break from Winter Cold. (Niuafo’ao, Macao)

In mid-December I posted “Need a Lift?”, because I sometimes do. At times I need a break from winter cold too. So here are two more sheetlets that do the trick for me.

The Jandaya Parakeet on this recent sheetlet from Niuafo’ou just can’t be contained by the stamp and has to extend its tail onto the selvage. I can’t think of another sheetlet so starkly white–selvage there only because this parakeet needs more space and demands exuberant framing.

This 2018 souvenir sheet from Macao features the painting “Bright and Fragrant Flowers” by the contemporary Chinese artist Ieong Tai Meng. The subtle and sensitive brushstrokes and coloring reflect centuries of Chinese artistic tradition.

So if you need a break from the cold…or a lift…contemplate these stamps.